The original line of rubber-to-metal bonded products

Economical, maintenance-free, and fail-proof – a wide range of standard products offering high product and service quality for our customers

Our anti-vibration elements made of rubber and metal are known internationally under the SCHWINGMETALL® ®trademark. They

  • absorb vibrations and structure-borne noise
  • isolate machine vibrations
  • reduce accelerations
  • protect against noise
  • ensure a powerful drive
  • guarantee the functionality and durability of the power units
  • protect the immediate surroundings from damage

ViProtect App

New development for App ViProtect.

Paketlösung: Reibringe jetzt mit passendem Radkörper

Package Solution: Friction Rings with Corresponding Wheel Bodies

ContiTech provides unique offer for drum drives and rolling-contact transmissions.....